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Artist's Statement

Watercolor has always been my favorite painting medium. I love the fresh, spontaneous look of a well done watercolor...qualities that can easily get lost by overworking the painting. The magic of the medium is the infinite number of ways varying amounts of water and pigment applied to dry, damp or wet watercolor paper can respond. Sometimes just the way you want it to. Other times beyond my expectations in a delightful way. And, to be honest, sometimes it's ooops! There goes another sheet of watercolor paper.

Yes, watercolor is a wild medium. My challenge is to tame it...let it un-tame me...and meet at some happy place in between.


Watercolor Society of Oregon

Paul has been an active member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon since 1997 and has served on the Board of Directors for most of that time. In 2006 Paul received the Outstanding Service Award with Lifetime Membership presented annually to a member who has contributed generously to the excellence of the organization.

Paul is currently the Publications Chair for WSO and produces the quaterly newsletter, Watermark, and two Exhibition catalogs. Recent editions of Watermark can be viewed on the WSO web site:

Emerald Art Center, Springfield, Oregon

Paul has been an active member of the Emerald Art Center since 1996. He has served on the board. produced their monthly bulletin, and served on the Workshop Committee for several years recruiting nationally known artists for 3 to 5 day workshops.

Plein Air Painters of Lane County

For about two years now Paul has been painting regularly with the Plein Air Painters of Lane County.


Graphic Design & Advertising

Paul ran his own graphic design and advertising business in Southern California for 25 years and continues this service on a limited scale as GRAPHICUS.