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Paul was born and raised in Laconia, New Hampshire where he aspired to art at an early age. After a year as a taxidermy major at the Univeristy of Iowa and a semester of forestry at the University of New Hampshire, he attended the Art Institute of Boston where he earned an associates degree in advertising art and graphic design.

Next came three years in the US Army Corps of Engineers where he was trained as a map compiler. During his last two years of active duty he worked as a topographic map editor on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Upon completion of his military obligation in '69, he ventured to Southern California where he established his own design and advertising agency specializing in business-to-business advertising.

By the end of '94, weary of the swirling masses of humanity and shaken by the Northridge Quake, Paul and his wife Marguerite decided to make their dream move to Lane County, Oregon. Here they could find a sense of community, a better quality of life, and Paul could dedicate more time to developing his skills as a watercolor artist.

Since their arrival in the Spring of '95, Paul has taken watercolor classes at LCC plus numerous workshops with accomplished artists including Arne Westerman , Carlton Plummer, Don Andrews, Barbara Nechis, Cheng-Khee Chee, Ron Ranson, Eric Wiegardt, Judy Morris, Serge Hollerbach and others.

Paul is a member of the Emerald Art Association and actively involved with the EAC Workshop Committee in Springfield. He is also a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, serves on the Board of Directors and is WSO Publications Chairman. He produces the WSO quarterly newsletter, Watermark, and two annual show catalogs.

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